TKT insulated container plays the leading role in the crime scene

The TKT thermo container even plays a role in an episode of German crime series, Tatort Münster. When a caterer delivers nibbles for the opening of an art exhibition in the thriller, he uses the insulated container from TKT. Apparently, word has spread all the way down to the screenwriters of the successful ARD series that the best way to deliver food is refrigerated – of course in a TKT insulated container.

The somewhat bizarre crime scene is about a sculpture exhibition in Münster. But some of the “exhibits” are elaborately prepared corpses. Of course, Thiel and Boerne are on the trail of the culprit. In the final scene, in which everything is cleared up, the TKT insulated container can be seen well in the picture. A big performance in front of almost 13 million viewers at prime time. And the crime scene was even shown in Austria.