New features in insulated containers ensure flexible use

Special TKT insulated containers allow the user particularly flexible use in the transport of goods. The small insulated boxes of the N-165 / G-180 / G-250 model series can be placed in existing rolling containers. As a result, on the one hand, cooled goods can be transported in the thermal container simultaneously with the dry product range in the rolling container.

On the other hand, customers who wish to continue using their lattice rolling containers can use the TKT insulted containers inside. Nothing changes for the truck planning, since the dimensions of the rolling containers remain the same.

The same principle is fulfilled by the revised TKT C-560 insulated container. This is particularly suitable for supplying small branches of food chains or petrol stations. The insulated container has a grid attachment so that chilled and dry goods can be transported simultaneously. This saves space and above all time – and thus costs in the case of deliveries to the store or gas station on site.