TKT develops custom solutions for customers in Poland and Russia

TKT can also meet special requests from customers with the insulated containers. In this way, various versions of insulated containers have now been developed for large customers in Eastern Europe, which are matched to the special needs of the customers. For two different companies in Poland, TKT produces insulated containers in special dimensions. Using a higher container type, the logistics area can achieve optimum utilisation for the trucks of the customers. In addition, the internals of the containers were adjusted to the size of the packaging boxes used by the customer. Because the companies pick fresh goods and frozen goods in baskets. The conversion of the containers is possible, because the customers have a large demand for insulated containers.

Customers in Russia asked for insulated containers, in which complete Europallets can be transported with goods. This wish can also be met by TKT. As an ideal model, the M-1600 was offered, which was completely revised. The M-1600 convinced the customers with its new appearance, improved insulation and higher strength, so that the Europallets can be pushed in without difficulties.