Temperature and tracking systems – always correct cooling at a glance

With temperature and tracking systems from TKT, customers can monitor the cooling of fresh and frozen products at all times.

The radio system monitors important measuring variables of the goods in the insulated container wirelessly. The data logger can be installed simply and measures moisture and temperature, for example. The range is up to 500 meters in open areas. The base station collects and stores the data of all loggers. This ensures complete documentation, and the customer always has an up to date report for the food inspector. An alarm message is possible by means of the optional alarm box. The system sends the data within the catchment area of a base station.

Real-time monitoring, which corresponds to the latest standard, is provided by the system based on IoT technology. The data loggers monitor and document the transport of sensitive goods. In this case all relevant measuring data can be captured continuously in a cloud. With real-time monitoring, measures can be taken in time to save the goods and identify the location of the insulated container around the world. Lost or damaged consignments can be located and the responsible party can be identified. In addition, the system includes a filling level display, and a repair history. In addition, there is the possibility to register the deposits to customers.