TKT introduces CryoSystem in Switzerland

Premiere for TKT’s new CryoSystem: for the first time, the cooling system, which uses liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium for TKT’s insulated containers, will be exhibited at a trade fair in Switzerland. The 11th Swiss Commercial Vehicle Show transport-CH, which will take place in Bern from 10 to 13 November 2021, will serve as a big stage for the presentation of TKT’s innovation by a nitrogen supplier. With the CryoSystem, the nitrogen is fed into the newly created cooling container from above. The coolant also offers a number of advantages. For example, the maximum transport time in the TKT insulated container is up to 36 hours. Nitrogen is also always available, while CO2/dry ice can be scarce in particular during the summer months. If properly handled, cooling with liquid nitrogen also offers the highest safety and is not harmful to the environment. The exhibition in Bern is expected to attract a particularly large audience this year. This is because for the first time two leading trade fairs of the Swiss automotive and commercial vehicle industry will be held under one roof: The 11th Swiss Commercial Vehicle Show transport-CH and the 1st Swiss Automotive Aftermarket Show.