TKT continues to invest in sustainability

For TKT, environmental protection and sustainability are not only important when it comes to insulated containers. TKT also continues to invest in sustainable production at its own premises. For example, our lighting has been completely converted to LED lights. To further reduce energy consumption, an intelligent KNX control system was installed. This helps to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption. In support of the trend towards e-cars, TKT is installing charging stations on the company premises that can be used by employees or customers.

TKT is increasingly using “green steel” in its products. This steel is produced with eco-friendly hydrogen. The more the steelworks convert their production, the more green steel will also be used in the construction of the insulated containers. And last but not least, all compressors in the TKT plant are being converted to energy-efficient solutions. Because there are many ways to save energy, especially with compressors. TKT will continue on this path – towards becoming a climate-neutral company.