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TKT continues to invest in sustainability

For TKT, environmental protection and sustainability are not only important when it comes to insulated containers. TKT also continues to invest in sustainable production at its own premises. For example, our lighting has been completely converted to LED lights.

TKT introduces CryoSystem in Switzerland

Premiere for TKT’s new CryoSystem: for the first time, the cooling system, which uses liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium for TKT’s insulated containers, will be exhibited at a trade fair in Switzerland. The 11th Swiss Commercial Vehicle Show transport-CH, which will take place in Bern from 10 to 13 November 2021, will serve as a big stage for the presentation of TKT’s innovation by a nitrogen supplier.

TKT develops new cooling system with nitrogen

TKT has now developed a new CryoSystem for the insulated containers, in which liquid nitrogen is used as the cooling medium. The nitrogen is introduced from above into the new cooling container. Because nitrogen is liquid only at extremely cold temperatures, the coolant offers a number of advantages. In this way the maximum transport time […]

Temperature and tracking systems – always correct cooling at a glance

With temperature and tracking systems from TKT, customers can monitor the cooling of fresh and frozen products at all times. The radio system monitors important measuring variables of the goods in the insulated container wirelessly. The data logger can be installed simply and measures moisture and temperature, for example. The range is up to 500 […]

TKT develops custom solutions for customers in Poland and Russia

TKT can also meet special requests from customers with the insulated containers. In this way, various versions of insulated containers have now been developed for large customers in Eastern Europe, which are matched to the special needs of the customers. For two different companies in Poland, TKT produces insulated containers in special dimensions. Using a […]

New concepts for the disposal of TKT insulated containers

If an insulated container has come to the end of its life or is damaged, the problem of disposal arises. For this, TKT has developed two concepts for their customers which correspond to the latest applicable legislation (recycling). In cooperation with a nationwide German disposal company, TKT customers can have the insulated containers collected and […]

TKT equips new storage facility in the USA

TKT has provided a further storage for a customer in the USA with insulated containers. The food retailer in the United States had initially started using secure cooling transport systems in two storage facilities. Now the third storage facility with TKT insulated containers was opened in the state of Kentucky, from where the branches are […]