Better insulation value for increased transport safety

TKT has been able to further improve the insulation values of its insulated containers. This is the result of the so-called k-value measurements, which have now been carried out again. During the tests, TKT insulated containers were, of course, again awarded the ATP and HACCP certificates. The k-value measurements, prescribed by law to be taken every six years, must prove that the products meet the requirements of the ATP Agreement. For this purpose, the insulated containers are tested in appropriate laboratories. The result for the TKT insulated containers was extremely positive. The continuous improvement of the transport containers – especially the foam system – made it possible to once more improve the k-values. For TKT customers, this means increased security and approval for use for fresh and frozen goods.

New seal ensures even better temperature maintenance

The TKT Development Department is constantly working to improve its products for the satisfaction of its customers. TKT GmbH is now offering its customers further advantages with a further development of the seal for TKT insulated containers. The Sauerland-based company has switched to a new, improved material for the manufacture of the seals. Of course, this material is food-safe and complies with HACCP regulations. The advantages are an automated welding of the seal frames, a significantly improved processing of the seal in the area of the mitres, as well as an advantageous geometry of the seal. All this ultimately leads to even better temperature resistance of the goods in the insulated container.

TKT continues to invest in production

A new 350-ton press has been put into operation at TKT GmbH in Arnsberg. With this machine, the specialist for insulated containers has once again invested in the quality of its products. The press guarantees improved dimensional accuracy and allows large series to be produced more variably. This also increases production flexibility at TKT, which ultimately benefits customers. The installation of the press was a feat of strength. A new foundation had to be cast for the machine. Two cranes then lifted the new press through the open ceiling into the production hall.

Optimum quality for repairs

In order to further improve the quality of insulated container repairs, TKT has now published a new guide for its repair service providers. Service providers must adhere to these guidelines in order to ensure the quality of TKT insulated containers even after repair. This also makes it possible for customers to carry out checks. TKT works with certified repair service providers worldwide. These are trained by the specialist for insulated containers. After successful training, the repairers receive a certificate entitling them to repair the insulated containers. In order to keep up to date with TKT products, the training must be repeated at regular intervals. This ensures that the insulated containers do not lose their usual quality, even in the event of damage.

TKT continues to expand its international business

TKT, a market and quality leader for insulated containers for more than 40 years, has also been able to further expand its business in the USA. Numerous new customers have been acquired who are now using TKT’s insulated containers. In the United States, trucks with refrigeration units are still mainly used. However, TKT insulated containers are now becoming of increasing interest to customers in the USA because they can save transport and energy costs and make the delivery of fresh and frozen goods more flexible. Word of these advantages has long since spread to other countries around the world. TKT insulated containers have been sold in Korea, Taiwan, Ghana, China and Hong Kong. These countries are also increasingly relying on TKT products.

TKT in largest distribution warehouse in Hungary

The Hungarian subsidiary of an international retailer has chosen TKT as its partner for its new warehouse in Hungary. This new customer now transports its complete frozen food range with TKT insulated containers. The quality and safety of the products from Arnsberg were decisive factors in the choice of TKT insulated containers, especially the compliance with the cold chain. The retailer recently opened a new logistics centre near Budapest. At almost 90,000 square meters, it is the largest warehouse ever built in the Eastern European country.

New features in insulated containers ensure flexible use

Special TKT insulated containers allow the user particularly flexible use in the transport of goods. The small insulated boxes of the N-165 / G-180 / G-250 model series can be placed in existing rolling containers. As a result, on the one hand, cooled goods can be transported in the thermal container simultaneously with the dry product range in the rolling container.

On the other hand, customers who wish to continue using their lattice rolling containers can use the TKT insulted containers inside. Nothing changes for the truck planning, since the dimensions of the rolling containers remain the same.

The same principle is fulfilled by the revised TKT C-560 insulated container. This is particularly suitable for supplying small branches of food chains or petrol stations. The insulated container has a grid attachment so that chilled and dry goods can be transported simultaneously. This saves space and above all time – and thus costs in the case of deliveries to the store or gas station on site.

TKT insulated container plays the leading role in the crime scene

The TKT thermo container even plays a role in an episode of German crime series, Tatort Münster. When a caterer delivers nibbles for the opening of an art exhibition in the thriller, he uses the insulated container from TKT. Apparently, word has spread all the way down to the screenwriters of the successful ARD series that the best way to deliver food is refrigerated – of course in a TKT insulated container.

The somewhat bizarre crime scene is about a sculpture exhibition in Münster. But some of the “exhibits” are elaborately prepared corpses. Of course, Thiel and Boerne are on the trail of the culprit. In the final scene, in which everything is cleared up, the TKT insulated container can be seen well in the picture. A big performance in front of almost 13 million viewers at prime time. And the crime scene was even shown in Austria.