TKT insulated containers

An affordable and safe alternative to refrigerated trucks

React flexibly to customer requirements at all times – with the innovative TKT insulated containers, you have the right logistics tools for an efficient transport flow of your refrigerated goods. In many cases, this eliminates the need for an expensive refrigerated truck. Depending on the required cargo volume, you can simply use a standard van or truck with box body. With TKT insulated containers, you can successfully reduce your fleet costs.

The cold from the cold store lasts up the customer

With our TKT insulated containers, you preserve the cold from the cold store and take it with you to the customer. Even if you are stuck in a traffic jam – the cold chain will survive, and the goods will stay at the right temperature for 24 hours.

Your whole assortment in one trip

Refrigerated goods are hermetically sealed in the TKT insulated containers. Therefore, it is hygienically completely harmless to carry other cargo – such as non-perishable food – in a van alongside fresh and frozen food. This gives you the greatest flexibility in your route planning and also makes deliveries more cost-effective overall. With an average utilization of 70 to 80% of a truck, additional TKT insulated containers can be loaded.

TKT insulated containers – good for the environment
In addition to cost savings and greater flexibility of transports, our insulated containers offer another important advantage today: Refrigerated goods transport which releases less CO2. This aspect should not be underestimated in times when customers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious.