Temperature and tracking systems

TKT offers the latest temperature and tracking systems for the TKT insulated containers, in addition to classical data loggers and thermometers. Temperature and tracking systems complete the logistics chain.

1. Radio system

In this case a data logger measures all relevant data, such as temperature and humidity wirelessly. The system is installed by the customer themselves. The data are transmitted to base stations. This ensures complete documentation of the transport. Optionally an alarm message is possible.

2. IoT system

In this system a data logger also monitors temperature and humidity. The system, based on the IoT, transmits the data to a server. All relevant measuring data can be stored and viewed in a cloud. This comprehensive documentation allows the registration of the deposits, a filling level display, a repair history and, of course, the temperature monitoring. In addition, using GPS, the insulated container can also be tracked worldwide, to see where the insulated container is located.