Innovative concept: TKT insulated containers for temporary storage

Storage space is scarce. Especially mini markets and small local shops, which are popping up again more frequently, are familiar with this problem. Moreover, cold storage is expensive. TKT insulated containers can offer a solution. A chain of innovative mini markets has now developed a concept in which TKT insulated containers are used as temporary storage directly in the shop. There is no staff in these shops and they are open 24/7. Access to the shop is via a digital system. The TKT insulated container is part of this newly developed system. First customers have tried this out – and are fully satisfied. The advantages for the consumer are obvious. If you are also interested in this concept, then please contact us.

TKT continues to invest in sustainability

For TKT, environmental protection and sustainability are not only important when it comes to insulated containers. TKT also continues to invest in sustainable production at its own premises. For example, our lighting has been completely converted to LED lights. To further reduce energy consumption, an intelligent KNX control system was installed. This helps to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption. In support of the trend towards e-cars, TKT is installing charging stations on the company premises that can be used by employees or customers.

TKT is increasingly using “green steel” in its products. This steel is produced with eco-friendly hydrogen. The more the steelworks convert their production, the more green steel will also be used in the construction of the insulated containers. And last but not least, all compressors in the TKT plant are being converted to energy-efficient solutions. Because there are many ways to save energy, especially with compressors. TKT will continue on this path – towards becoming a climate-neutral company.

TKT introduces CryoSystem in Switzerland

Premiere for TKT’s new CryoSystem: for the first time, the cooling system, which uses liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium for TKT’s insulated containers, will be exhibited at a trade fair in Switzerland. The 11th Swiss Commercial Vehicle Show transport-CH, which will take place in Bern from 10 to 13 November 2021, will serve as a big stage for the presentation of TKT’s innovation by a nitrogen supplier. With the CryoSystem, the nitrogen is fed into the newly created cooling container from above. The coolant also offers a number of advantages. For example, the maximum transport time in the TKT insulated container is up to 36 hours. Nitrogen is also always available, while CO2/dry ice can be scarce in particular during the summer months. If properly handled, cooling with liquid nitrogen also offers the highest safety and is not harmful to the environment. The exhibition in Bern is expected to attract a particularly large audience this year. This is because for the first time two leading trade fairs of the Swiss automotive and commercial vehicle industry will be held under one roof: The 11th Swiss Commercial Vehicle Show transport-CH and the 1st Swiss Automotive Aftermarket Show.

TKT develops new cooling system with nitrogen

TKT has now developed a new CryoSystem for the insulated containers, in which liquid nitrogen is used as the cooling medium. The nitrogen is introduced from above into the new cooling container. Because nitrogen is liquid only at extremely cold temperatures, the coolant offers a number of advantages. In this way the maximum transport time in the TKT insulated container is up to 36 hours. This allows flexible working time arrangements for users. Night shifts can be dispensed with. Nitrogen is also always available, while CO2/dry ice can be scarce in particular during the summer months. For the filling of the insulated container, the customer can choose freely from the various nitrogen suppliers. So there is no dependency on individual providers. If properly handled, cooling with liquid nitrogen also offers the highest safety and is not harmful to the environment.

TKT helps worldwide with their boxes to transport the corona vaccine

One of the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world, the TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Limited in Israel, works for the transport of the corona vaccine of Biontec/Pfizer with cooling boxes of TKT from Arnsberg, Germany.

TKT did further developments on their existing boxes to face the challenges of keeping the cold chain of the vaccine and to coves the special requests of pharmaceutical companies. So the temperatures can be easily maintained by minus 70 degrees. Before TKT boxes were mostly used for the transport of chilled and frozen food. As one of the first companies TEVA was using the boxes from TKT. The Isreali company is working in 70 different countries around the globe and counts to the ten biggest manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in the world. TEVA is the worldmarket leading company for generic medicaments. For the global player the TKT boxes are one important component to transport and distribute the vaccine securely.

Israel isn’t the only country where TKT boxes are used. A lot of other countries are working already together with TKT to develop and implent special cooling solutions for the transport of vaccine.

The Israeli television channel i24news broadcasted already some more information about the vaccine transport with TKT boxes:

TKT is getting both itself and a school ready for the future

TKT continues to drive forward digitisation. The Arnsberg-based specialist for insulated containers is investing in a new computer and network infrastructure. All the hardware is being replaced and the software will also be updated to the latest versions.

The old devices are not being disposed of as electronic waste, rather they will benefit a good cause. The old hardware will be re-conditioned and donated by TKT to a special school in Arnsberg which primarily funds learning, emotional and social development as well as languages. This donation is particularly important for the school in these times of coronavirus, where schools must also lean towards digital learning. The measures to make sure TKT stays future-proof were already initiated two years ago when the telephone system was completely replaced. Not only has TKT fully updated its computing technology, the special school has also made a technological leap forward.

Temperature and tracking systems – always correct cooling at a glance

With temperature and tracking systems from TKT, customers can monitor the cooling of fresh and frozen products at all times.

The radio system monitors important measuring variables of the goods in the insulated container wirelessly. The data logger can be installed simply and measures moisture and temperature, for example. The range is up to 500 meters in open areas. The base station collects and stores the data of all loggers. This ensures complete documentation, and the customer always has an up to date report for the food inspector. An alarm message is possible by means of the optional alarm box. The system sends the data within the catchment area of a base station.

Real-time monitoring, which corresponds to the latest standard, is provided by the system based on IoT technology. The data loggers monitor and document the transport of sensitive goods. In this case all relevant measuring data can be captured continuously in a cloud. With real-time monitoring, measures can be taken in time to save the goods and identify the location of the insulated container around the world. Lost or damaged consignments can be located and the responsible party can be identified. In addition, the system includes a filling level display, and a repair history. In addition, there is the possibility to register the deposits to customers.

TKT develops custom solutions for customers in Poland and Russia

TKT can also meet special requests from customers with the insulated containers. In this way, various versions of insulated containers have now been developed for large customers in Eastern Europe, which are matched to the special needs of the customers. For two different companies in Poland, TKT produces insulated containers in special dimensions. Using a higher container type, the logistics area can achieve optimum utilisation for the trucks of the customers. In addition, the internals of the containers were adjusted to the size of the packaging boxes used by the customer. Because the companies pick fresh goods and frozen goods in baskets. The conversion of the containers is possible, because the customers have a large demand for insulated containers.

Customers in Russia asked for insulated containers, in which complete Europallets can be transported with goods. This wish can also be met by TKT. As an ideal model, the M-1600 was offered, which was completely revised. The M-1600 convinced the customers with its new appearance, improved insulation and higher strength, so that the Europallets can be pushed in without difficulties.

New concepts for the disposal of TKT insulated containers

If an insulated container has come to the end of its life or is damaged, the problem of disposal arises. For this, TKT has developed two concepts for their customers which correspond to the latest applicable legislation (recycling).

In cooperation with a nationwide German disposal company, TKT customers can have the insulated containers collected and receive a disposal proof for this. The insulated containers are shredded and destroyed in a refuse incineration plant.

In the second disposal path, the customer returns the insulated container to TKT in Arnsberg. In a pilot project, a dismantling line was built. Steel parts are recovered. The further recovery of PU foam and glass fibre reinforced plastic is currently being tested.

TKT equips new storage facility in the USA

TKT has provided a further storage for a customer in the USA with insulated containers. The food retailer in the United States had initially started using secure cooling transport systems in two storage facilities. Now the third storage facility with TKT insulated containers was opened in the state of Kentucky, from where the branches are supplied. The benefits of insulated containers are gaining ever greater importance in the North American food industry. Other large supermarket chains are currently performing temperature tests and test runs. Since 2017, TKT has been represented with a branch office in the USA.