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TKT insulated containers are the safest method of transporting temperature-controlled goods without interrupting the cooling chain.

As a market and quality leader and an experience of over 40 years is TKT covering the cold chain logistic market, TKT insulated containers stand for a safe and environmentally sustainable solution for the transport of chilled and frozen food. We have consistently implemented the idea of transporting cold store refrigeration with refrigerated or frozen products in the form of our insulated containers. TKT insulated containers are stable and can be used for several years – they fit perfectly in nearly all tough logistic processes.

An affordable and safe alternative to refrigerated trucks

React flexibly to customer requirements at all times – with the innovative TKT insulated containers, you have the right logistics tools for an efficient transport flow of your refrigerated goods. In many cases, this eliminates the need for an expensive refrigerated truck. Depending on the required cargo volume, you can simply use a standard van or truck with box body. With TKT insulated containers, you can successfully reduce your fleet costs.

The cold from the cold store lasts up the customer

With our TKT insulated containers, you preserve the cold from the cold store and take it with you to the customer. Even if you are stuck in a traffic jam – the cold chain will survive, and the goods will stay at the right temperature for 24 hours.

Your whole assortment in one trip

Refrigerated goods are hermetically sealed in the TKT insulated containers. Therefore, it is hygienically completely harmless to carry other cargo – such as non-perishable food – in a van alongside fresh and frozen food. This gives you the greatest flexibility in your route planning and also makes deliveries more cost-effective overall. With an average utilization of 70 to 80% of a truck, additional TKT insulated containers can be loaded.

TKT insulated containers – good for the environment

In addition to cost savings and greater flexibility of transports, our insulated containers offer another important advantage today: Refrigerated goods transport which releases less CO2. This aspect should not be underestimated in times when customers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious.

TKT insulated container

Different dimensions and sizes – for everybody the right TKT insulated containers. TKT insulated containers can be equipped with wheels or pallet base.


The model overview below shows the possible dimensions of TKT insulated containers.

TKT boxes are suitable for transporting very small quantities. The G-boxes are often used for transporting dry ice, as these boxes can be opened upwards.

N-165 external 660 790 640 165
for roll cage internal 530 650 485
G-180 external 660 810 630 160
opens on top internal 520 640 490
G-250 external 660 810 830 250
opens on top internal 540 660 690

TKT insulated containers on wheels can be used like rolling containers. Alternatively, the models below can be made on a pallet base.

H-340 external 555 775 1600 340
internal 410 610 1340
H-410 external 600 800 1900 410
internal 410 610 1640
A-450 external 710 825 1415 450
internal 590 680 1100
A-580/N external 735 825 1770 580
internal 610 660 1440
C-560 external 735 955 1415 560
internal 610 810 1100
C-720 external 735 955 1770 720
internal 610 810 1440
C-730 external 735 955 1800 730
internal 610 810 1470
C-780 external 735 955 1900 780
internal 610 810 1570
P-795 external 750 955 1910 795
internal 620 810 1600
D-820 external 735 985 1840 820
internal 620 855 1540

TKT insulated containers on a pallet base complement your pallet logistics. The models below can alternatively be made on wheels (except for F-1275 and M-1600).

E-1000 external 800 1200 1800 960
internal 620 1025 1480
E-1010 external 800 1200 1900 1010
internal 620 1025 1580
E-1010 Fish external 800 1200 1900 970 + 18
with tube internal 620 1025 1500
E-1070 external 800 1200 2000 1070
internal 620 1025 1680
E-1170 external 800 1200 2150 1170
internal 620 1025 1830
F-1275 external 1000 1200 1800 1275
internal 820 1040 1480
M-1600 external 1000 1400 1920 1600
internal 825 1225 1590

Cooling systems

TKT as a system supplier offers all opportunities of cooling systems in insulated containers. TKT supports you to select the best possible cooling system for your requirements and needs in your logistic application.

Eutectic plates

The eutectic plates are available for chilled (-3 °C, red) and frozen foods (-21 °C, blue). They can be used again and again under lowest running costs.

Eutectic plates

Dry ice

The cooling of TKT insulated containers with dry ice is done by the addition of slices or blocks of dry ice. The dry ice has a temperature of -78 °C. The cold is released by sublimation.

Dry ice

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Here a cold cell (cassette) is placed in the upper area of the TKT insulated container, which is filled with liquid CO2. When the gas is introduced, it loosens and becomes dry ice.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Liquid nitrogen (LN)

With this solution liquid nitrogen will be used as cooling agent. This results in long transportation times of around 36 hours which provides maximum flexibility.

Liquid nitrogen (LN)

Scope of application

TKT insulated containers are used in many different applications. Below you will find an overview of the most common uses of TKT insulated containers.

Flexible delivery to multiple locations

TKT insulated containers are ideal for delivering to multiple locations from a central warehouse. Waiting times can be avoided: Simply leave the TKT insulated container in your store and continue the delivery tour. On the way back or on the next delivery of goods, the empties can be taken back.

Different goods on one truck

With our TKT insulated containers, you can transport chilled or frozen goods on a truck alongside other products. This way, you save the use of expensive refrigerated trucks and can use your trucks efficiently. Thanks to this high flexibility, TKT insulated containers are already in use in many large food chains.

No transport damage

The sturdy TKT insulated containers protect your goods against damage during transport. If damage should occur to the container itself, it is easy to repair. After a short repair training session, your employees will be able to replace almost every part of the TKT insulated container.

From fresh dough to cream

For bakeries, TKT insulated containers are the ideal transport solution. Be it cream or fresh dough – in our cooling systems, your goods are safe. Deliveries to your branch stores are possible along with other baked goods in your van. Costly waiting times can be avoided by leaving the insulated container at one location and taking it with you the next time goods are delivered.

Insulated containers with a baking tray

The H-340, C-560 and C-720 models were developed for daily bakery operations. Baking trays can be inserted into these TKT insulated containers so that time-consuming repacking after delivery can be dispensed with.

Use as a freezer

Our TKT insulated containers can also be used in your store as an alternative to the freezer, thus saving energy costs. Cooling is guaranteed for up to 24 hours without additional active cooling. That way, goods that need to be kept constantly cool, do not even need to be repacked.

Fish stays fresh even without a refrigerated truck

Transporting fresh fish together with other foodstuffs on a truck used to be impossible. With our TKT insulated container, it is now possible to transport fresh fish up to 18 hours without additional energy costs.

No interruption of the cold chain

An interruption of the cold chain, which can occur when a refrigerated truck stops or opens, is ruled out with TKT insulated containers. This avoids the hassle of checks during refrigerated transport. Another special feature is that the container can be transported in conjunction with other goods on a cargo bed.

Condensate is collected

Fresh fish is often cooled next to cold plates with loose ice. The condensate is collected via a water collecting system in the TKT insulated container. With special drainage technology, the defrosted water can then later be drained and disposed of in a controlled manner.

Easy meat transport

With our TKT insulated containers, you can transport meat easily and safely. Our system helps you to comply with the ATP regulations (agreement on the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs) and the HACCP regulations (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which require that all food placed on the market is safe.

Built-in hanging rails

In order to be able to transport larger parts of pigs or cattle, we also offer our TKT insulated containers with built-in meat rails. The meat is then hung on special meat hooks. Costly waiting times can be avoided when delivering meat. Leave the TKT insulated container behind after delivery and take it with you again on the next tour.

Easy cleaning

Since hygiene is a top priority for a butcher, the TKT insulated containers are very easy to clean due to their smooth inner tubs. There are no residues that can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Efficient transport and storing of dry ice

With the small TKT boxes is a safe storing and an efficient transport of dry ice guaranteed. The opening on top minimizes the sublimation of the dry ice by use of the dry ice. As known warm air is going up, as cold air is falling down. For this reason TKT small boxes with top opening are perfectly for the transport and storing of dry ice.

Strong construction

The strong construction of TKT small boxes allow a long-life use in a tough logistic environment. The inlet is designed to work with very cold temperatures and has no problem with the very cold (-78 °C) dry ice.

Individualisation of TKT small boxes

As requested the small TKT boxes can be provided on a pallet base or on wheels, which let them integrated perfectly in your logistic processes. Additional accessoiries can be provided as well.

Trockeneis Text

Safe Pharmaceutical transport

TKT insulated containers can be used for the transport of pharmaceutical products which has always special requirements. The individual requirements of pharmaceutical transports can be overcomed with the different cooling systems in the TKT insulated container.

Different cooling systems for a different use

As TKT provides different passive cooling solutions and also – if needed – active cooling systems the process security in critical pharmaceutical transports can be guaranteed with an TKT insulated container.

Flexible and safe delivery of chilled and frozen foods

Restaurants, bistros and caterer are using TKT insulated containers to supply chilled and frozen foods or to store them temporarily. The TKT insulated container is then often a small store with best insulation characteristics and allows maximum flexibility in different catering environments.

Gastronorme trays in TKT insulated containers

If wished TKT insulated containers can be equipped with different angles to offer the opportunity to take gastronorme trays or boxes.


The full service package of TKT

TKT offers the full package of service and support arount the insulated containers. Extensive service offers and a continous environmental idea in the production of insulated containers lead to highest customer satisfaction.

Process consulting & control

Temperarturtests and controls in your environment.

Process consulting & control

We kindly support you in the control of your logistic processes with our professionell measurement equipment in your environment. Our experts will secure your cold chain process from beginning to the end.

Repairing & service partners

The easy repairing of TKT insulated containers is a big advantage of our products.

Repairing & service partners

TKT insulated containers is very easy to repair. TKT offers in-house trainings or can provide partners worldwide, which are trained by our experts, to do repairings on insulated containers.

Spare parts

Spare parts for all models are always available.

Spare parts

TKT offers easy and simple all spare parts needed for your TKT insulated containers. This covers current versions as well as TKT insulated containers which are older than 20 years.

Worldwide cooperations

Cooperations with different manufacturers around the TKT insulated container can help the customer to find the right partner.

Worldwide cooperations

TKT is working already several years as specialist in the cold chain logistics. Over the years a lot of cooperations are established with differnt manufacturers. We are pleased to share you our know-how from different projects and to provide you the best possible suppliers in different applications.


TKT insulated containers are produced environmentally friendly.


The environment is in focus of our production which is only taking place in Germany. We count on “green” steel and environmental friendly production procedures.

Disposal of waste

At the end of product life time stands the professional disposal.

Disposal of waste

TKT offeres different disposal concepts for their TKT insulated containers. Please contact us for more information.


Solar powered data logger for monitoring of thermo containers.

Once the temperature data loggers with external sensor have been installed, they transmit the collected data via the mobile phone network, to the data memory. There the visually processed for you, providing you with a safe and reliable overview of your TKT insulated insulated containers is possible.


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